Combustion processes

Combustion processes can be found all over the world: in refineries, the (petro)chemical industry and in power stations. The cost and scarcity of fossil fuels and the advent of alternative fuels are driving process engineers to optimize their combustion process. On one hand for cost optimization, on the other hand for safety reasons. TDLs analysers are the best choice for this.

FCC unit
The process conditions in a Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) are far from optimal for classic analysis systems. A TDL analyser with probe design (e.g. GPro500) turns out to be the most suitable. Even under the high temperatures and harsh conditions.

Thermal oxidizer
In a thermal oxidizer the control of the oxygen content while burning volatile components (VOCs) is extremely important. It is not only about accuracy of the analysis. The speed of the analysis is also critical. Nowadays classic paramagnetic systems are considered to be too slow. A TDL analyser measures directly in the heart of the combustion, giving a fast response in spite of the high temperatures and harsh conditions.

Power generation
Monitoring the CO and O2 amounts is key in combustion of fossil fuels and gas as well as in cogeneration and deNox installations (power stations and (petro)chemical industry) for optimising efficiency and reducing emissions. Probe type TDL analysers such as the GPro500 measure directly in the process, without sampling and preconditioning, thus ensuring swift and reliable analysis.