More efficient processes through better analysers

In the pursuit of greater efficiency in industrial processes, analysis systems are indispensable. Using them ensures the correct concentration of reaction products and prevents loss of valuable chemicals. Lots of analysers are still extractive, which means they require sampling systems. They not only require high maintenance but also cause delays in the analysis. In-situ analysers bring improvement.

Ammonia (NH3) production
Ammonia is one of the most used chemicals worldwide. In the production process where methane (CH4) is transformed to hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (CO) is formed. By monitoring the CO concentration, the efficiency of the reaction can be controlled. In some cases, CO and CO2 are determined in the gas scrubber as well. An in-situ TDL analyser requires less maintenance and provides faster response than classic (NDIR) analysis systems.

Direct chlorination and oxy-chlorination
During the production of VCM (Vinyl Chloride monomer) there are two chlorination processes: direct chlorination and oxy-chlorination. The monitoring of oxygen content is required in both processes. The extremely corrosive environment requires resistant materials and minimal process connections. The Mettler Toledo GPro500is the perfect solution here.