Protect people and the environment

In industrial processes, oxygen measurement is crucial in preventing explosions. To this end, continuous real-time measurement is indispensable. A TDL analyser that combines the simplicity of a single sensor with the power of an analyser system is ‘best practice’.

Electrostatic precipitation
CO monitoring in the gas stream to the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) ensures that no combustible gases are present. This prevents explosions in the ESP itself. A fast response time of less than 3 seconds is required for this analysis. An in-situ TDL analyser is the only reliable solution here.

Ethylene oxide production: safety first
Ethylene oxide is a highly explosive gas. Prevention is therefore a must in order to protect people and environment. A highly reliable oxygen measurement with fast response is needed for this. Besides the question of safety, an optimal oxygen level results in a higher production yield. For further optimization of the reaction, CO2 is measured in the ethylene return line.